Yoga poses that work miraculously for women who are fighting post pregnancy weight

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Having a baby is blissful yet quite exhausting. Most women fight fat after they have given birth. So here are a few yoga poses that can help a woman get rid of those unwanted weight and become fit again.

Tiger pose

Tiger pose is one pose that works really well for women when they are trying to get back in shape after they have given birth. It helps relieve a number of physical issues that women may face after childbirth, alleviates back pain, and rejuvenates her various sexual organs. Tiger pose also helps women tone their leg muscles, as well as shoulders and arms. It helps them lose weight too, and improves the functioning of their digestive systems. The exercise can be done eight to 10 times on the go. However, you should only do as much as your body allows you to.

Cobra pose

The cobra pose is also known as bhujangasan. It is a highly-efficient exercise when it comes to relieving pain in the lower back area. In fact, lower back pain is one of the problems that women are commonly afflicted them after pregnancy. It can also make the buttock areas firmer than before, and also tones the abdomen. It also has the same effect on your shoulders and arms. Your spines can become stronger than before by practising this exercise. It can also improve the circulation of oxygen and blood in your pelvic region. This exercise can be done five to eight times in one go.

Pigeon pose

With the help of the pigeon pose you would be able to tone the lower body – areas such as hips, legs, and thighs. It can make you so much flexible and make your lower body much less stiff than it was before. Apart from that, it helps relieve anxiety and stress, which is something that you need in this stage of life. By doing pigeon pose on a regular help you would also be able to open up your hip joint and also stop infections from happening in the urinary organs. Following pregnancy women often suffer from such infections. You should do the exercise four to five times continuously.

Wide-legged child’s pose

As far as yoga exercises after pregnancy are concerned wide-legged child’s pose happens to be one of the finest names. It is the best-possible stretching exercise and works your hip muscles and lower-back area that can become so tense following pregnancy. This exercise can also tone your thighs and glutes apart from making the ankles less stiff than before. Practicing this exercise can also help you relax and stay calm. The effects of problems like fatigue and stress can also be reduced by doing the exercise. You need to do this exercise five to 10 times.

Camel pose

The camel pose is also referred to as ustrasana. It is highly beneficial when it comes to stretching your shoulder and back muscles, and toning them. Normally, after pregnancy these places tend to ache a lot and this is where this exercise comes in so handy. This exercise can also help one tone the flabby belly area that is common to so many women after pregnancy. The exercise can also tone your chests and arms. In short, this pose serves a number of purposes.


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