Ways To Naturally Cure Nocturnal Emissions Effectively

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Known as nightfall, nocturnal emissions or night discharge, is a problem primarily associated with male sexual health although some females have nocturnal emissions as well. Nocturnal emission is more common among males than it is females. It could be defined as an involuntary orgasm followed by the involuntary emission of semen that occurs usually while one sleeps.

Nocturnal emission generally occurs in adolescent males, but for some, it could occur later in life. It usually takes place late at night or at dawn and is frustrating for the adolescent male, often he fails to grasp what has actually happened with him. Nocturnal Emissions might wake the male up and at other times, he may continue sleeping through it.

Nocturnal Emission occurs when the semen held in the body goes beyond its maximum capacity. In which case, the body gets rid of the surplus semen through nightfall. This allows the body to maintain its hormonal balance. Once the male enters the sexually active phase of his life the problem vanishes on its own usually. The possible nightfall triggers are:

1. Prostate gland enlargement
2. Excessive masturbation habits
3. Testosterone based medications
4. Diet rich in saturated and trans fats
5. Stimulation due to colliding of the sex organ with blankets or mattresses
6. Full bladder
7. Hormonal imbalance
8. Abstinence from sex
9. Erotic dreams

To much nocturnal emission gives rise to some other issues like a weakened memory, knee pain, dizziness, insomnia, poor vision, stress, sexual exhaustion, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction & even infertility.

Some ways to cure nocturnal emission:

1. Kegel exercises can sometimes effectively cure nocturnal emission.

2. Relieving stress through meditation, yoga & deep breathing.

3. Watch your masturbation and viewing pornography habits

4. Adopt some lifestyle measures like drinking lots of water & eating a vitamin rich diet.

5. Do not consume acidic foods.

6. Avoid sexual obsession. Instead try devoting more time to a hobby, interests and some brain storming. This is an attempt to fill you with the positive and keep you from focusing on erotic thoughts.

7. Try the power of herbs like ligustrum, asparagus, Withania som ni Fera, Mucuna prurient etc. These herbs can often solve the nightfall problem. The NF Cure capsule is an herbal pill containing all these chosen herbs. It’s a very good cure for nightfall.

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