The Three Benefits Of Exercise

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So why do you exercise? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to protect your health or tone your body? Maybe you are just trying to build strength & stamina to keep up with your kids or your grandkids or maybe to just continue to enjoy your favorite physical activity. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking or golf. You may want to work out to improve your memory which is a benefit from working out and having a quality consistent diet.

Can exercise really improve memory? Yes it can. Research has shown exercise strengthens not just your body but your brain as well. If that doesn’t blow your mind, we have a few more scientific findings that might.

1. Well…how many times have you heard someone say, I don’t have the time to exercise? Yes, life is very busy. Life is more busy now that we have mobile devices that connect anyone and everyone with their office, kids, spouse being able to contact us anywhere, anytime, day or night. Work and home life interfere with each other on a daily basis over and over again. Taking time out of your busy day to exercise is going to help in a big way.exercisepic1

476 working adults surveyed found that those who work out regularly felt they’re more capable of creating a balance between home & office. Researchers speculate that since exercise takes you out of those environments, it allows you to psychologically detach from those places and their demands. Exercise gives you some space to refresh and achieve a little mind & body balance. Scientists point out that working out makes us feel good about ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves we’re much better at dealing with problems.

2. Exercising regularly can slow arthritis and reduces pain. Don’t allow painful joints keeping you from working out. Regular exercise will not only slow progression of arthritis, it also helps ease the pain. Is this hard to believe? If your joints feel damaged, why would you subject them to the extra pressures of exercise? You’ll be happier if and when you do.

Studies show exercise as one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis. By strengthening muscles that support joints you’re transferring workload from your joints to your muscles, which slows damage and relieves pain. Regular exercise, helps you manage your weight, fewer pounds equals less pressure. Daily stretching keeps muscles flexible & maintains good range of motion in you joints.

Talk with your doctor about a plan to work out so that you can track your progress and tweak your weekly routine for best results.

3. Exercising will help improve. Maybe you remember this mentioned from the beginning of the article? If you don’t, you might want to go work out remember it helps your memory. Add these rewards to the many reasons that you exercise regularly and post them on your fridge. We guess you won’t miss too many workouts.

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