The NutriSystem Diet

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The NutriSystem diet plan is a popular home meal replacement diet which includes everything from pizza to hamburgers, chocolate, mac & cheese plus more.

#1 How Do You Get Started with the Diet?

It’s very easy to get started. Once you order, you’ll receive 28 days worth of specially formulated, nutrient-enriched breakfasts, lunches, dinners & desserts.

Each meal is color coded and provided with instructions on how to follow the diet and which added veggies & fruits you can add into your meal plan.

With NutriSystem, you eat 6 times per day every 2 to 3 hours so you’ll never get hungry as you’re always eating.

#2 What Meals Can I Choose From?

You can pick from over 150 meal options including pizza, burgers, mac & cheese, bars, shakes, sandwiches, waffles, muffins, cereals, wraps & more.

There are some treatment options like banana chocolate chip cake, carrot cake, stuffed apple pie & more.

You may choose to order pre-selected meals or can customize your plan choosing the meals you prefer.

#3 How Much Weight Can I Lose?

Most people lose anywhere from 1 – 2 pounds per week on this diet.

#4 What Plans Are There?

NutriSystems Basic Plan is under $10 a day and the meals are selected for you based on customer favorites. You’ll get online-support but no phone counseling option.

The Core Plan is under $11 a day and you’re able to customize the plan yourself with preferred meals. You get both phone counseling and online tools with this option.

The Select Plan is under $12 per day and provides you with additional menu options, including gourmet fresh/frozen meals. You get phone counseling and online tools with this plan.

#5 NutriSystem Meals Gluten-Free?

Although some meals use gluten-free ingredients, this diet is not completely gluten free and not recommended for those with serious gluten issues.

#6 Can I Drink Alcohol?

Due to the high-calorie content, alcohol is not recommended in this diet. Sorry!

#7 What Happens When I’ve Lost The Weight?

NutriSystem has Transition and Maintenance plans after you’ve reached your target size to help you transition into everyday foods without putting the weight back on.

#8 Do I Exercise While On This Diet?

NutriSystem encourages people to exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. To help you do this, they’ve created the My Daily 3 program

#9 Can I Drink Diet/Non-Diet Pop or Coffee?

Yes, calorie-free or very low-calorie drinks like coffee, tea, and diet sodas can be used as unlimited extras.

#10 Do The Meals Need To Be Refrigerated?

Except for the frozen meals on the Select plan, NutriSystem meals do not require refrigeration. They’re similar to foods in your kitchen cupboard like chili, soups & pasta bowls.

These are 10 of the most commonly asked questions about the NutriSystem diet. You have a few great options when it comes to choosing a diet program. Take your time and find one that fits within your lifestyle, budget & goals…

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