Seven Steps Eliminating Refined Carbohydrates From Your Diet

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Chances are if you’re eating a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates you may have a weight problem and are at risk for diseases such as diabetes and cancer. You also are increasing your risk of heart failure & circulatory problems.

The average person consumes between 250 to 350 kilos of refined sugar per year. That is around 1 to 2 kilos per day. There are a million kilograms to a milligram. The recommendation is 5 milligrams per day so it’s easy to see the dilemma. You may not be able to eliminate every ounce, but following these steps will get you closer to the recommended 5 milligrams.

1. Cut intake of processed or packaged foods.

2. Eliminate adding sugar to your cooking and prepared food & drinks.

3. Cut your intake of cakes, chocolates, pastries, biscuits, bottled fruit juices, dried fruits and yes even refined bread.

4. Eliminate soft drinks even sugar-free or diet, also eliminate processed fruit juices.

5. Make sure you check labels and get in the habit of looking at ingredient lists also checking for whole food ingredients. If you see wheat flour, enriched wheat flour, sugar or high fructose corn syrup listed those products contains refined carbohydrates.

6. Buy fresh real food. The easiest way to avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar to purchase whole foods in their unprocessed state. This includes fresh fruits & vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, whole grains and animal products, eggs, chicken, lean beef, lamb, pork, and fish.

7. While eating out? Try sticking to salads, vegetable-based dishes, meat dishes without sauces and seafood. Order a baked potato, beans or corn to add healthy carbohydrates to your meal. Drink water and freshly brewed tea. Avoid soft drinks, sweetened iced teas, Juices that often consist of large amounts of refined sugar. Avoid desserts unless you order fresh fruit.

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