Increase Energy – 3 Easy Diet Improvements

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Your diet plays a big role in the level of energy, most people just do not pay much attention to this. If you have a well dietpic1balanced diet you will feel refreshed when they wake up, with a steady yet high amounts of energy the whole day and fall asleep much easier at night. Someone with a poor diet will feel slow throughout the day, having a tough time waking up falling asleep.

You do not have to make a study from food habits to reap the benefits from a good diet. If you follow these 3 tips, you can reap 90 percent of the results.

==> 1st Improvement – Cut Out Non-Food Foods

Cut out foods that are made of chemicals other than foods. This is including any form of soda, anything frozen needing to be heated up in a microwave, fast food of course in all sorts including, candy’s, chips, ice cream, etc.

Avoid long lists of ingredients in foods, especially ingredient lists of things that you can’t pronounce or recognize. Avoid foods with high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. These foods will do more damage to your body than most people realize. These foods imbalance the brain, the blood and in the sugar levels. They cause spikes and drops in energy and they’re also mildly addictive.

==> 2nd Improvement – Food Combinations

It’s not just what you eat, it’s how you eat it and what you eat it with. The stomach digests food using two different kinds of chemicals… Basic chemicals and acidic chemicals.

Proteins like meats get digested in base chemicals, while other foods like rice or bread are digested in acidic environments. Foods like vegetables can be digested in either, and foods like fruits are best digested in neither and are better digested on an empty stomach.

It’s chemistry, if you mix a base compound with an acidic compound you get a neutral compound. It’s like mixing hot water with cold water you get lukewarm water as a result.

In other words, when eating foods that get digested in a base environment and an acidic environment together, your stomach has a harder time digesting the foods. These chemicals in the stomach cancel each other out, resulting in the foods taking longer to digest and can sometimes even decay in the stomach before getting digested.

The results are… Eat proteins & starches separately. Also, eat a generous amount of veggies with every meal, avoiding combining carbs and proteins. Plus, eat fruits separately from meals when possible.

==> 3rd Improvement – Hydration

Most people get dehydrated and don’t even know it. A good dehydration test is whether your urine is completely clear or not. If the urine is anything but 100% clear, you’re probably not drinking enough water.
Try drinking more water for a day or two, you’ll be shocked at how much water your body will actually want to drink when it realizes there’s enough water around.

Most people live in a perpetual state of being dehydrated. The body doesn’t realize there’s enough water around, so it learns to live with it. Once the body realizes it can have as much water as it needs you’ll find yourself thirsty much more often. This is a good thing. Getting enough water intake can boost mental clarity, help digestion and increase energy.

These are three effectively simple dietary improvements you can make today and see a difference. Try them one at a time, not all at once, and try it on for 30 days before deciding whether or not to keep the habit. It takes discipline at first, but will quickly become habit once you feel the positive difference.

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