How can vegan diet help you lose weight?

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There was a time when only college students and yoga instructors would follow a vegan diet. Veganism typically means that you cannot consume any animal product – even milk and honey are forbidden. Right now it is the hottest diet trend all around the world and there is some good reason for the same. The latest research says that it is the best way in which to lose weight. There have been plenty of people who have lost a lot of weight by following a vegan diet. This includes celebrities such as Bill Clinton and Beyonce Knowles. A new study done by the Journal of General Internal Medicine says that such diet would be effective for you as well.

How is it better than others?

For the purpose of research, the researchers took into account the results of many diets such as the American Diabetes Association diet and Atkins diet. In the survey, it was found that people following a vegan diet could lose more than 5 pounds in the short term as opposed to ones who were following a traditional diet. It was also seen in the study that vegetarians who ate dairy products and egg could lose around 3 pounds in the same period.

The problem with giving up on animal protein

The studies have also shown that giving up animals can be quite a tricky business. This has to do more than with our occasional craving for a bacon cheeseburger. Animal products happen to be our basic sources of protein. They also provide us other important nutrients such as Vitamin D. The term vegan diet could include several options such as Oreos, Airheads, and Red Bull that would be deemed unhealthy under other circumstances. There are certain things that you should do in order to make sure that your vegan diet works for you.

Never pretend

The thing with following a vegan diet is that you should never pretend. There is no way that wheat gluten or tofu will taste like beef. You just have to embrace the whole thing. Veganism is not about replacing what you had been eating before. You have to accept the simple fact that you have chosen to leave meat and animal products behind, and that they are no longer going to be a part of your life, and love what you are eating now. You have to draw your protein from veggies as well as grain and this is something that will take some getting used to.

Training your mind

This is the first thing that you need to do in order to become a vegan. You need to tell your mind that this is how you are going to achieve your goals of weight loss. One thing is for sure though. When you embark on this journey you will see that you are discovering new flavors and tastes and that is what will power you to become slimmer – and thus fitter – than what you are right now. It is this discipline that will help you in your life.

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