Simple homemade diet that can help you lose weight fast

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When it comes to simple homemade dishes that can assist you in losing weight in a short span of time nothing can be more tempting. So here are a few homemade foods that are delicious and help you burn fat.

Start with the breakfast

To begin with you can always try broccoli and feta omelet with toasts. This breakfast recipe is quite easy to make – it takes only 15 minutes to make this one. It also happens to be filling – you will not feel hungry for a long time as a result – and gives you plenty of energy as well. This means that you will not feel the urge of binging on unhealthy food between meals when you eat this one. The broccoli gives you the fiber and is just 30 calories. The egg itself is full of protein – something that will also reduce your appetite. This will also be good for you.

Spiced green tea smoothie

When it comes to burning fat green tea tops the list. It has EGCG, a compound that boosts metabolism to a significant extent. It has been seen in a study that if people can drink four cups of a green tea in a day they can shed as much as six pounds or more in eight weeks. This smoothie would do wonders in case you are sick and tired of drinking green tea. It comes with flavors such as cayenne spices, agave nectar, and lemon. It happens to be quite nutritious as well as being filling to boot.

Chocolate dipped banana bites

There is no law in the world that says that a dessert is only supposed to undo the good work of a healthy meal. This particular dessert is easier to make than pie. You need a microwave and a knife – that is all. As it is, you will get a whole heap of resistant starch from bananas. The beauty of resistant starch is that it is a healthy form of carbohydrate. It assists you in eating less while burning your calories. In what could be regarded as a bonus, the chocolate – which happens to be semisweet in taste – has healthy fats that will only increase your metabolism rate even further.

Banana and almond butter toast

This dish is simple and yet it is tasty. It has the three best things that you can have for breakfast. Apart from the bananas, the whole-grain rye bread has plenty of resistant starch, something we have already talked about. You get the protein that helps you satiate your hunger from the almond butter. It also has mono-saturated fats that are good for your health. One slice of such toast has just 280 calories but it is quite filling nonetheless.

Honey grapefruit with banana

This is one food that is sure to help you stay slim for a long time. This is a tropical fruit salad and tastes really tangy. Experts also say that there is almost no chance that this will have any side effects. You can have it for breakfast or even as a side dish when you are having a brunch. As far as weight loss is concerned grapefruit is one of the best.


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