Here’s How An Effective Weight-Loss Program Looks Like

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Maintaining a good body weight has become everyone’s business. The weight of your body affects your health and self-esteem, especially among the young.

Although legislative measures have been put in place to protect overweight or obese people from discriminatory treatments, especially in the workplace, there is no doubt that many employers are still reluctant to hire overweight people. Employers worry about the extra costs the company may have to face if it has a large population of overweight or obese employees. Never mind that being obese will also affect your insurance cost.

With all these issues, it goes without saying that it is important to watch your weight lest it create health problems for you or reduce your employability.

There are different approaches to weight-loss. You can choose the DIY route or go for professional weight-loss programs. In most cases the difference in choice comes down to cost and flexibility.However, safety and effectiveness are important considerations when choosing a weight-loss program.

How do you choose a weight-loss program that will help you meet your goal without exposing you to serious health risks? The good news is that the market offers a variety of programs and selection comes down to individual preference.

Rapid weight-loss vs. gradual weight-loss

There are weight-loss programs that will help you shed pounds quickly. You might be interested in rapid weight-loss if you are preparing for an event such as a wedding or TV appearance that you wouldn’t want to go to in a bloated body. However, what you should keep in mind is that rapid weight-loss works best where you only need to drop a few pounds.

Therefore, if you are dealing with obesity, then you need to take the staircase instead of the elevator. In other words, you need a program that will help you lose weight slowly and steadily until you achieve the weight that you want.

Going about achieving weight-loss

Weight-loss programs come in different models to help users achieve the weight they want. Depending on how much weight you need to lose and over what period of time, your program could be structured in daily or weekly schedules. When it comes to selecting a schedule, go for the one that best supports your personal goal.

A reputable weight-loss program has to be realistic. Dieting and exercising are common and important features in almost all weight-loss programs, though the degree to which they are applied may differ from program to program. As such, a weight-loss program that promises to help you lose hundreds of pounds over a short period of time while sitting on the couch all day and eating everything you want may not be far from  a scam.

Almost all reputable weight-loss programs will require a change in eating habit and demand a more active lifestyle characterized by regular exercising. You may use a wearable or handheld device to self-monitor your food intake and physical activities. The counselor should be there for you to provide regular feedback on your progress. If you are using an online weight-loss program, this can be done by way of a phone call, text message or email.

Keeping the weight off

An effective weight-loss program should go beyond just helping people lose weight. It should include a plan to maintain the desired weight over the long-term.A good weight-loss program will also put you in a social support group or encourage you to join one. Experts have repeatedly said that social support networks play an important role in not only helping people lose weight quickly but also protecting against regaining weight.

In conclusion, make sure you are comfortable with the weight-loss program you choose. Can you put up with the features of the program? Is the program tailored to your goal and is it safe? What about the cost? These are some of the questions you should seek answers to when selecting a weight-loss program.


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