A Food Dehydrator Can Save You Money using These 10 Ways

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Who’s not looking to spend less and save more money? A food dehydrator is a valuable tool in saving food costs, extending food supplies & eliminating food waste. A food dehydrator can save you money by following these simple ideas.

– Extend shelf life and reduce waste.

A food dehydrator designed to remove a significant amount of water from food. The water content in food is generally very high, usually between 80% to 95% for some fruits and vegetables and 50% to 75% for some meats. Removing the moisture from food inhibits various bacteria, yeasts & molds from spoiling it. This makes dehydrated fruits, vegetables and jerky perfect for longer storage.

– Buy foods on sale or in bulk.

Purchase extra fruit and vegetables while they are available, in the season is when the fruit is less expensive. Dehydrate what you don’t consume & avoid spoilage.

– Make your own beef jerky.

Store bought beef jerky is very expensive. A 3.5-ounce package of jerky can cost around $1.14 to $4.00 per ounce. Make home made beef jerky by buying flank steak or sirloin tip, add marinade or spices. The food dehydrator calculator shows a 1 pound piece of meat would make around 8 ounces or half a pound of jerky. If the meat costs $3.78 per pound the jerky cost would be about 47 cents per ounce.

– Make your very own fruit leather.

Store bought fruit leather or fruit rolls are very expensive on a per ounce basis. Instead, make home made fruit leather by pureeing fruit and drying it.
– Don’t buy candy & sweets.

Removing water from fruit decreases the fruit’s volume, once dried, the fruit’s sugar content becomes more concentrated per serving. This is the reason why dried fruit tastes sweeter than fresh fruit. Make a healthier choice. Eat dried fruit instead of candy, which is full of processed sugars.

– Dry herbs and spices.

Plant an herb garden and dehydrate your own spices in the dehydrator. The cost of the seeds will be tiny compared to the $2 to $4 dollar cost per herb jar at the store.

– Try going vegetarian.

Cut down your meat and dairy consumption. Reduce fat and cholesterol intake and increase consumption of fat-free fresh dried fruits & vegetables. A healthier diet and lifestyle cuts down on sick time.

– Raw food diet.

A raw food diet promotes the consumption of raw foods. Raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, seeds, and herbs, are foods eaten in natural, unprocessed, uncooked state. Use a dehydrator to warm up raw foods.

– Hiking and camping food.

Dried fruit, fruit leather, trail mix & jerky are great tasting, nutritious, portable and easy to make foods that are excellent for camping and hiking.

– Keep some emergency food supplies on hand.

A food dehydrator is an excellent tool to create non-perishable, shelf stable food. Dehydrated food, stored in airtight containers can last for several years. Be prepared for emergencies and use the above tips to save yourself some money while eating healthy.

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